Enola Holmes

Today I decided to watch the Netflix original movie Enola Holmes. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill. When Enola mother has gone missing, she sets off to find her. Along the way she runs into trouble, but there’s always a mystery to be solved. This based on the book by Nancy Springer. Now going into the movie I thought this would be a nice adventure and it definitely is. Millie Bobby Brown is tremendous as Enola. She holds her own, in this movie. Today’s generation of girls need to watch this, so they can look up to a lady like her, instead what’s out their now. Sorry to go off track. Henry Cavill was great as Sherlock Holmes. Loved to see him in a separate movie or tv series of Sherlock. The cast of characters were good, fun and entertaining. The storyline was pretty good. My favorite part is when Enola was in the boarding school for ladies and she didn’t want to be one of those ladies. She wanted to be her own person. The action scenes were good, exciting at times, but fun. I’ve read their possible of doing more movies based on her, which I hope they do. I prefer movie or tv series on Enola Holmes. This movie is a treat for everyone, especially teenage girls. Watch it and learn from it. My rating is 8/10. #enolaholmes #milliebobbybrown #henrycavill #sherlockholmes #netflixfilm #mystery #suspense #missing

Tenet movie review

Last night I finally was back at the movie theater, to see Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. It was so great being back at the movie theater. There was about over 100 people seeing it in IMAX and I think they were happy to. The movie stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh. No Spoilers! Going into it, I was hoping for something to blow my mind. Well damn it did, in the opening scene. That opening scene grabs you quickly. The whole movie grabs you. You’ve got to pay attention to this movie. You really can’t leave during it. You’ll miss what happens. It’s all connected. The acting is top notch. John David Washington is a top notch action star. He was just great. Every time he talked , I was thinking that’s Denzel’s son. Holy hell! Robert Pattinson was great. That I can’t believe. Kenneth Branagh was like a Bond villain, but better than recent villains, from the Bond films. The storyline is great,, pure and simple great. It’s not hard to follow, but a interesting take. The action scenes are top notch, out of this world. From the opening scene to the last action scene, pulls you in. You will be on the edge of your seat. Don’t wait to see it on blu Ray or digital. Go see it in the theaters, especially in IMAX. Unless you have one at home. So my rating is 9/10. Go see this movie. #tenet #christophernolan #johndavidwashington #kennethbranagh #robertpattinson #timetravel #reverse #movies #backtoreality

Da 5 Bloods movie review

So in tribute to #chadwickboseman I decided to watch his last movie. Da 5 Bloods . Stars Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, Clarke Peters, Norm Lewis, Isiah Whitlock Jr & Chadwick Boseman. The storyline is, about 4 African American vets, battle the forces of man and nature. When they return to Vietnam seeking the remains of their fallen squad leader and the good fortune he helped them hide. Now this is a powerful movie. Loved the acting by Delroy Lindo and Chadwick Boseman. They command the screen. The other characters are terrific. Now the storyline is pretty good, but this is Spike Lee. He throws in stuff, and that really upset me. He did the same in BlackKkklansman. He made it political. Just make great movie without going political. My favorite scene is when Paul talks to Stormin Norman, where he forgives him. That was beautifully done. That really moved me. Like i said in the beginning this is a powerful, beautifully movie. It’s sad to see Chadwick final performance. He was great, as always. Get on Netflix and watch this movie, you want regret it. My rating is 8/10. #da5bloods #delroylindo #chadwickboseman #finalperformance #spikelee #netflix #vietnam #gold.

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Trial by Media a Netflix documentary

Trial by Media is a documentary from George Clooney that show you how a simple trial and the media can sway people and change the trail. This was a fantastic documentary. The 6 episodes show you the how it became a trail. Shows you the trail and then how the media blows it up. It covers the Jenny Jones talk show host murder. The Bernard Goetz subway murders. 41 shots about 4 white cops shooting a black man 41 times. The Richard Scruchy Healthsouth fraud. A woman is raped and it’s the first trial televised on cable tv and the Rod Blagojevoich selling Obama senate seat. My favorite episode is the Jenny Jones one and the Bernard Goetz one. Cause I remember those trials. The one about the rape, might remind you of the movie The Accused starring Jodie Foster. Each episode you see how the trial goes and how the media covers each event. If you’ve got nothing to watch I would recommend this interesting documentary. I think you would enjoy it. My rating is 8/10. #trialbymedia #netflix #documentary #jennyjones #bernardgotez #41shots #richardschuchy #healthsouth #theaccused #rodblagojevich

The Mornings Show review

The Morning Show from @appletvplus that stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell & Billy Crudup. After a fallout with their previous morning show co-host. Who is accused of sexual harassment who is let go. They bring in a brass talent who doesn’t belong, but makes a statement. This show is beyond great. I’ve watched a lot of tv series and this show is something I’ve wanted in a tv show. Jennifer Aniston is just perfect. She definitely deserves her Emmy nomination. She commands the screen. Reese Witherspoon deserved a Emmy nomination. She was tremendous. Steve Carell performance was something to behold. The rest of the cast is great. I especially love Billy Crudup character. Another Emmy nomination role. The storylines are tremendous. The last 3 episodes are something that pulls you in. Especially the last episode. The last 30 minutes is something you’ve got to watch. And again deserved Emmy nominations. This is my favorite tv series of 2020. You’ve need to watch it. The performances are top notch. The storylines are beyond great. The characters you will love and hate. My rating is 10/10. #themorningshow #appletv #jenniferanniston #reesewitherspoon #stevecarell #billycrudup #metoo #emmynominations.

Midway 2019

On July 4th I decided to watch Midway directed by Roland Emmerich. It stars Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Woody Harrelson & Luke Evans. This is a story of the battle of Midway, told by the leaders and sailors who fought it. This was a ok movie by Roland. The special effects are outstanding, but the acting is ok. The story of the battle of Midway is a part of history. The acting by the cast is ok. Nothing really stood out in the acting department. The storyline was good. The only thing that was amazing was the battle scenes. That was something to watch. If you wanna to watch a good action movie, you might enjoy it. I personally think that Roland Emmerich needs to stop on the action movies and find something else to direct. My rating is 4/10. #midway #lukeevans #woodyharrelson #rolandemmerich #pearlharbor

The Old Guard

Last night I watched the Old Guard Starring Charlize Theron is a hired mercenary who is cannot die, but team is being captured to be tested and find out why they cannot die. They also find a former marine who just found out she can’t die. This was a fun movie. It’s based on a comic book of the same name. Which I never heard of. I thought the action movie was and is something that we need in this crazy time. Charlize Theron and band of teammates are pretty good together. The chemistry is ok. Charlize character Andy and Nile were pretty good together. The best rest of the cast was ok. I didn’t like the main villain. He was kinda lame and he was just a nerd who wanted to change humanity. The action scenes are good. I did like the ambush scene and the battle at Merrick . The storyline was ok also. Wanted more of a background of the main characters and how they stayed hidden for so long. This does leave itself for a sequel. If you watch the end credits. The movie is a fun ride. But it’s not the best. My rating is 5/10. #theoldguard #charlizetheron #comicbook #immortal #cia #humanity #marines #history #netflix

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My so called life Part 2.

My life in elementary school was fun. I did enjoy it, until my 7th grade.

During my 7th grade I was being bullied by several guys. There names are. Jerry Smith, Chris Carbine, and Keith Hughes. They try to pick fights with me or just push me down. Like bullies always do. When this was happening. I didn’t tell my teachers or my parents. I usually went to the bathroom and try t8 make my sick so I can go home. I did this a lot.

One afternoon a the end of school. These bullies followed a girl to the woods and raped her. Everyone knew about it and nothing was done. The guys were suspended for a week. The girl transfer to another school. She did come back during high school and was a better woman and is a great woman now.

I failed the 7th grade because of what was happening to me and others. The next 7th grade was way better and more fun.

High school was good. I was in the marching band and played drums. For 5 years. That was a blast. Went to places I’ve never been and never will forget it. During high school I always sat with the band members during lunch. We were called by the bullies and the popular kids as band fags. Because we stuck together. LOL. We laugh at it and we didn’t care. What went on during high school stay at the school. If something happened at the school. It stay there, nothing was done about.

There were fights, kids having sex, teachers having sex with students, etc. But as Ive said before nothing was done. There were some great people there and I want forget them. When I was graduating from high school, I never thought I would go to college or make it to college. Well I did, but during my time at high . They never prepared me for college.

When I wet to cold. I had to take high school classes over again. I didn’t like that at all. I thought that I could go ahead and take my college courses for my major. I struggle a lot and drop out. Today I wish I stuck with it and got my major. Maybe before I die, I can get my degree or a certificate.

I hope you enjoy this. Part 3 will come tomorrow.