Let The Music Play: A music documentary

Bring back the concerts!

We all seen the effect on covid has hit the movies and the theaters, but what about the music, the artist and the venues. Let The Music Play a documentary by Daily Boom created by @catemeighan . Available only on @youtube This documentary will have interviews from music artists like, Stryper, Foreigner, Keel, Enuff Z Nuff, Jackyl, and Whitesnake. You will hear from concert venues and concert promoters. They will tell you how they have dealt with the pandemic and what they have done during the pandemic. Also what they are doing now. This is a fascinating view of how they couldn’t have concerts and couldn’t get into the studios, to make a album. I really like how those artists tell you how some of them struggled with it. But it’s also interesting how they put together live stream concerts for their fans, They will show you how much they loved it and missed it. I know this is only from 70’s and 80’s bands and I wish they could have gotten with other bands from the 90’s and beyond. But this is a wonderful way to see how they have come along. We know the movies are coming back to theaters slowly, but we need concerts. In my opinion. Live streaming a concert isn’t the same feel as being their in person. I know in my area some venues do have some bands to play and I can’t wait for the major bands come back on tour and we can rock out 🤘🏻to our favorite band or artists. If you love the era of 80’s music. Please check out dailyboom.net or daily boom.com for their podcast. My rating for this music documentary is 6/10. #letthemusicplay #pandemic #music #patreon #concerts #venues #stryper #whitesnake #foreigner #jackyl #enuffznuff #keel

Godzilla vs Kong movie review.

A battle of titans on the big screen.

Last night I went to my local movie theater. Now I didn’t expect it to be pack. Yes it’s a Wednesday night and I took my time. God I wish I didn’t. The place was packed. Just like the good ole days. The bad thing was only 2 concession stands open and only 30 minutes until the movie starts. That’s sucked. Ok the movie Godzilla vs Kong starring Alexander Skarsgard as Nathan , Millie Bobby Brown as Madison, Rebecca Hall as Ilene, Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie and Kaylee Hottle as Jia. The battle of titans is about to go huge. This movie was a whole lot of fun. The storyline was good. I did like it, with two stories between Godzilla & Kong was good. The cast of characters are great. You will love Nathan, Allene and Jia . You’ll also like the trio of Madison, Bernie & Josh. They made the movie fun. The action scenes are the best. Love Godzilla and Kong fighting. It was just epic to watch on the big screen. This movie was made for the big screen not for your 📺. Now if you have a movie theater in your house or a 100 inch tv. Then it might work. Seeing this in IMAX was simply great. I came out of there feeling great and happy to see a movie back in theaters and the crowd yelling and cheering for their hero. My rating for this entertaining movie is 8/10. Go see this in the theaters instead at home. #godzillavskong #godzilla #kingkong #hollowearth #alexanderskarsgard #milliebobbybrown #movietheater #amctheaters #imax #mustwatch #teamgodzilla #teamkong

Tina a HBO documentary review.

Watch the movie instead of this documentary!

@hbo released a documentary of the iconic Tina Turner and this film isn’t that great. Now this documentary tells you the story of how Tina Turner came to be. You will get to see her in concert with her husband Ike Turner, who we all know physically abuse her. You’ll also see her raise when her album Private Dancer came out. Which was introduced to new fans. You’ll also watch her tell you the stories from her past and love today. It was nice to see her again. I do love her music. She is definitely a icon of rock music. But this documentary didn’t do her justice. The movie What’s Love Got To Do With It will give you a more respectable view of her life back then. In the documentary she will discuss on the film and why she hasn’t watch the movie. Also you will see interviews from Angela Bassett who played Tina in the movie. If you are a fan of Tina’s then watch the documentary, but if you don’t. Please check out the movie and then watch the documentary, that is available on @hbomax . My rating for this documentary is 5/10. My rating for the movie is 9/10. #tinaturner #whatlovegottodowithit #movie #privatedancer #grammys #iketurner #abusesurvivor #icon

John Wayne Gacy Devil in Disguise

We have another serial killer documentary, and this is brought to you by @peacocktv . John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise. This documentary is a 6 part that goes into details of John, the crime and the mystery. This isn’t a bad documentary. We all know Netflix does the best on serial killer documentaries. But this is interesting film. John Wayne Gacy is a creep plain and simple. He wanted power and control, but also he would con you . That this guy killed 33 men and boys and buried 29 underneath his house is haunting. This documentary will also tell you that he ( John Gacy) thinks he didn’t do the crime. Which is totally false. You will also hear from detectives from the past, his sister and ex wife. Also from former people who knew him and from the killer himself. This is a good documentary, but not the best one. This felt like a dateline show not a documentary. Hopefully @peacocktv can make it better. My rating for this documentary is 5/10. #johnwaynegacy #serialkiller #iowa #chicago #youngmen #youngboys #gay #bisexual #haunting #conman

Zach Snyder’s Justice League Cut movie review.

Don’t waste your 4 hours of watching this!

The Zach Snyder Justice League was released today and I’m gonna tell you right now. Don’t waste your 4 hours and 2 minutes of watching this piece of crap. When we heard that there was a directors cut of this film, I said that it still want be good. It’s the same storyline with new scenes added. Guess what it was. There are several things I didn’t like about this movie. First! Why in the hell did Zach shoot this in 4:3? It looked completely odd and you couldn’t see most of the characters and the fighting scenes. Should have been shot in widescreen. Second! Superman’s black suit was nice, but he and the suit should’ve had more screen time. Third! The fat Batman suit was awful. Should have used CGI to trim him down. Fourth and lastly! The Flash character acted like a kid? And his running was kid like. Come on now. Isn’t the Flash suppose to be a big man, not some skinny boy. The new added scenes were ok. The one scene he added, was with darkseid appearance. I wanted more of him, instead of steppenwolf. Also the scene with Bruce and Martian manhunter was sweet. They should have put him in. Instead of Cyborg. I really hope @dccomics get the right director, producer and star to compete with @marvelstudios . Cause right now, they only have 3 franchises that can carry them. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, $ Shazam. I used to grow up with the Justice League and Batman. But this piece of crap is embarrassing for me. And probably for others. The real question is. Is this better than Joss Whedon version? Yes but not by a lot. I rated the original movie a 3/10. Well let’s make crappy movie a 4/10. #justiceleague #zachsnyder #directorscut #fatbatman #wonderwoman #aquaman #theflash #cyborg #hbomax #badmovie #dontwastetime #marveldoesitbetter

The Last Blockbuster movie review.

Did you ever work for them?

Who on here has ever worked at a Blockbuster Video? I did! I worked for 2 different locations and they were the best times of my life. But sadly there’s only one left. The last Blockbuster a Netflix original documentary, which is kinda sad. Tells the story of how huge this video rental was and how it came crashing down. People still love it today. Now the humor in this documentary is kinda dark humor which some of you want get. You will hear stories from actors who worked at a local Blockbuster and others who a freaks about the video rental. You will hear from the last general manager from Bend, Oregon. She will give you her side of the story of how this last resort is still a popular place to visit. This documentary will show you how Blockbuster could have bought Netflix and we could be binging on Blockbuster not Netflix or Hulu. But they laugh at the opportunity and the rest is history. This is a fun nostalgic look back of how great it was to go into a Blockbuster and choose so many movies and games. I hope you feel the same I did when you walked into one of their stores. My rating for this documentary is 8/10. #blockbustervideo #bendoregon #nostalgia #videorental #bekind #torewind #latefees

Oscar Nominations Reaction!

So the annual Oscar nominations are announced and I have to say I’m ok and not happy with some of their choices. I’m gonna focus on the ones I’m not happy with. First of all Da 5 Bloods no acting nominations for this movie. And no direction for Spike Lee. This movie is way better than Chicago 7 and the Father. Chadwick Boseman was better in Da 5 than black bottom. Also Delroy Lindo gave his best performance ever. Also why not Tenet for best picture and best cinematography and sound? Also what about king of Staten Island? Wonderful performance, but they don’t care about movies like this. I know they are trying to change the culture within the academy, but they are leaving out so many performances and movies it’s unfair to us. Now I’m happy for Mank, The Sound of Metal & Chicago 7. The others I might watch one day. I would like to hear your thoughts on the Oscars. Did they get it right or not? #oscars2021 #nomations #da5bloods #chadwickboseman #delroylindo #tenet #robbed #kingofstatenisland #mank #chicago7

Changing culture and changing their ways!

Cherry move review.

Entertaining movie!

Last night I watched the highly anticipated movie Cherry. The movie stars Tom Holland as Cherry and Ciara Bravo as Emily. The storyline is about Cherry who drifts from college to the army to robbing banks. All the while doing drugs, with his wife Emily. This is a interesting movie. When you watch this movie, it’s like reading a book. Which I did enjoy. The performance by @tomholland2013 is definitely something to watch. He’s all over the place. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with his character. Ciara Bravo who played Emily, did a wonderful job. She definitely held her own with Tom Holland. The cast of characters were good not great. But I did like how the @therussobrothers introduce his friends and drug dealers. Overall this movie is not for kids that love Tom Holland, this is for adults only. Tom gives a wonderful performance but the movie lacks something more. I can’t put my finger to it, but it’s a entertaining watch. This movie is only available on @appletv . My rating is 6/10. #cherry #tomholland #ciarabravo #russobrothers #appletv #college #army #bankrobbers #drugs #jail #rehab #life

Movies that you have forgotten.

Copycat movie review.

Edge of your seat thriller!

My next movie that you might have forgotten is, Copycat. Starring Sigourney Weaver as Helen, Holly Hunter as MJ, Dermot Mulroney as Ruben and Harry Connick Jr. as Daryll. The storyline is about a agoraphobic psychologist and a female detective must work together to take down a serial killer who copies serial killers from the past. This movie came out in October 27th 1995. This is such a great edge of your seat thriller. Sigourney and Holly have great chemistry together, you can feel the tension between both of them to solve this case. Harry Connick Jr. character is great, never seen him play a villain before and he was great. Wish he did more of this. The storyline is good and different, you don’t see a movie about a copycat serial killer recreating the past murders. You’ve seen it on tv shows but not movies. I think you will enjoy this movie. This movie is available on Amazon Prime/Starz. Also available on Blu-ray. My rating for this serial killer mystery is 8/10. #copycat #sigourneyweaver #hollyhunter #harryconnickjr #serialkiller #edgeofyourseat #detective #psychology

WandaVision tv series review

One hell of a ride!

For the last 8 weeks we have been drawn to @disneyplus to watch the Marvel original series WandaVision. Starring Elizabeth Olson as Wanda, Paul Bettany as Vision, Kathryn Han as Agnes/Agatha. Teyonah Paris as Monica/Geraldine, Randall Park as Jimmy Woo and Kat Deming’s as Darcy. The storyline is about 2 superpower hero’s living in either a classic sitcom or a suburban lifestyle. This is a series to behold. I’ve never watched a more entertaining, thrilling series in a while. Marvel can’t do no wrong. Elizabeth Olsen is just terrific. She deserves a Emmy nomination for this role. I most definitely like each different decades the series did. I know some of you didn’t understand the comedy from the first 3 episodes. I thought they were great. After the 3rd episode everything changed and you don’t want to miss it. That is why I said what it is, in my books. The characters are the best. Loved everyone of them, except some of the townsfolk. They were kinda annoying. The storyline is just great tv. Each episode is entertaining and just great fun. The last episode felt like a movie, yes a 50 minute movie, but a movie. There is also some end credit scenes that you need to watch. Some might say they were disappointed in the ending. No big cameos , I was disappointed in that, but we so much to look too in the next couple years. Can’t wait for it. Overall this something you need to watch and enjoy. You need to get Disney+ and enjoy some wonderful fun. Cause in 2 weeks it’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. My rating for this tremendous show is 10/10. #wandavision #marvel #scarlettwitch #vision #mcu #agathaharkness #quicksilver #disneyplus