The Little Things movie review

I finally decided to watch the movie The Little Things that star Denzel Washington as Deke, Rami Malek as Jim and Jared Leto as Albert. The storyline is about Deputy sheriff Joe Deke Deacon is sent to LA for a quick evidence grab, but instead he becomes involved in the search for a serial killer who is terrorizing the city and the police. Now going into this movie, I was looking forward to see how Denzel and Rami worked together and see if Jared can actually play a villain. Now I did like he chemistry between Denzel and Rami. They worked really well together. Now Jared Leto character doesn’t deserve a golden globe nomination. Yes he was creepy but the acting was dull. He don’t acted like a supposed serial killer, just some creep that the cops think did it. The storyline was good, but great. I did like the story of Deke and his background character. And wish I knew more on Rami’s character Jim. Just wished that the movie focused more on the killer than each crime . Some say that this is trying to be another movie Se7en. This movie is not even close to that movie. The characters are good, but I think some of the characters are just there to be seen. This is a good movie to watch, the acting with Denzel and Rami are good. They are worth the entertainment, Jared Leto nope. Wish they had picked another actor for the role. Tomorrow is the last day to watch it on @hbomax . Try to watch it or wait till Blu-ray. My rating is 6/10. #thelittlethings #hbomax #warnerbros #denzelwashington #ramimalek #jaredleto #serialkiller #homicide #la #oscarwinners

This isn’t the movie se7en.

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