X-men Dark Phoenix movie review.

So me and my family has been on a X-men binge and I’ve never watched the movie Dark Phoenix. The movie stars James McAvoy as Professor X, Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Jennifer Lawerence as Raven, Nicholas Hoult as Beast and Sophie Turner as Jean Grey. The storyline is about Jean Grey begins to develop her powers that came from a cosmic force that turns her into a Dark Phoenix. Causing the X-men to decide if her life is worth more than humanity. Now I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews on this movie. It bomb at the box office and I never just sat down for it. This movie isn’t as bad people and critics say. The 2 problems I have are it was too short and I wanted a back story on the villains. We got a little bit from Jessica Chastain character, but that’s it. I wanted more . Now the cast of characters are good, most definitely love Magneto. He definitely kicks major ass. (side note) Can we have a major movie of just him please! I also liked Nightcrawler. The storyline was ok, just wanted more of it. The action scenes were good. The best scene is when they are on the train. That was insane. Is this the worst movie in the X-men franchise? No? If I were you I would give this movie another chance and watch . It’s available on Amazon Prime and HBO Max. My rating is 6/10. #xmen #darkphoenix #professorx #magneto #beast #storm #cyclops #quicksliver #nightcrawler #franchise

It could’ve been more!

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