Throwback Monday! Diggstown movie review.

Throwback Monday. Diggstown starring James Woods as Gabriel, Louis Gossett Jr. as Honey and Bruce Dern as John. The storyline is about Gabriel’s released from prison. His con man friend makes a foolish bet with Diggstowns owner on who’d win the boxing matches. Their man against ten Diggstown men. I absolutely forgot about this movie. This movie came out in 1992 and I was a huge fan of Louis Gosset Jr. the trailer got me sucked in and it was a really good movie. James Woods and Louis Gossett has good chemistry together. You will definitely hate Bruce Dern character and the rest of the cast isn’t bad either. The storyline is most definitely far fetch since Louis’s character was 56 years old, back then and you don’t see boxers fighting. Anyway this is a fun, entertaining movie to sit back and watch. This movie is not available on any streaming services. You can find it on Blu-ray. Hopefully it will come out on them. My rating for this flashback movie is 7/10. #diggstown #jameswoods #louisgossettjr #brucedern #boxing #conman #throwback #flashback

The con is on!

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