Crimson Tide movie review.

Here’s this weeks movie that people might have forgotten.

Crimson Tide starring two Oscar winners Gene Hackman as Ramsey and Denzel Washington as Hunter. The storyline is about a nuclear middle submarine that a young first officer stages a mutiny to prevent a trigger happy captain from launching his misses before confirming his orders. This is one powerful , entertaining movie by two outstanding actors. You will feel the intense by both actors. I thought they gave Oscar performances, but that’s my opinion. There’s not much action scenes, just a lot of talking and smack talking. But this movie will put you on the edge of your seat. The cast of characters are worthy. You have Viggo Mortenson, James Gandolfini, Ricky Schroder & Steve Zahn. Before they became famous. This movies isn’t available on any streaming services, unless you pay for it. I would buy it 4K .

This is a outstanding movie that a lot of people need to watch and just love two characters and their performances. My rating is 10/10.

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