Palmer movie review

Tonight I decided to watch the @appletv movie Palmer. Starring Justin Timberlake as Palmer, Ryder Allen as Sam and Alisha Wainwright as Maggie. The storyline is about a former football star who’s life is destroyed, but after being released from prison. Palmer strikes up a friendship with a boy from a troubled home. Now this is a wonderful movie to watch. Justin Timberlake gave his best performance. I’ve never seen him like this character. He’s always the happy, go lucky guy. The other characters are very good. You’ve got up give it up to Ryder Allen who played Sam. He did a wonderful job. I know some of you might not like the storyline of Sam. They didn’t really push it in your throats. Just like Palmer said. He’s just a kid with issues. The rest of the storyline is still very good, but the one thing I wish that they fixed was the last 30 minutes. Felt rushed ? Wish that they would have worked around it. That’s the only problem with this movie. If you have a soul and a heart I think you will love this movie like I do. This movie is available on @appletv . My rating for this movie is 8/10. #palmer #justintimberlake #appletv #ryderallen #alishawainwright #junotemple #fisherstevens

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