Chaplin movie review.

Every Monday I’m going to go back in time and introduce you to a movie that either you or I have forgotten. This movie came out in 1992. Today’s movie is Chaplin starring Robert Downey Jr as Chaplin Geraldine Chaplin as Hannah, Anthony Hopkins as George, Dan Aykroyd as Mack & Kevin Kline as Douglas Fairbanks. The storyline is about the troubled and controversial life of the master comedy filmmaker Charles Chaplin. This is directed by Richard Attenborough. This is a wonderful movie. Robert Downey Jr was simply great as Chaplin. You will love watching him perform, before he got huge in Iron Man. You will see the highs and lows of Chaplin, of how he fought for his movies and the love of comedy. To make people laugh. That was his goal. Yes he was controversial in his movies especially the Great Dictator when he played Aldof Hilter. People still hate him for doing that movie, but the movie is just making fun of him, that’s it. The cast of characters are brilliant. They bring out everything in this movie and Chaplin. My favorite character is Kevin Kline as Douglas Fairbanks. The movie was nominated for 3 Oscars, including best actor, best art direction and best original score. This movie is available on @hulu and @amazonprimevideo Hope you enjoy going back in time and watching something you’ve never seen or heard of. My rating for this classic movie is 8/10. #charliechaplin #robertdowneyjr #chaplin #thegreatdictator #comedy #controversial #anthonyhopkins #danaykroyd #geraldinechaplin #kevinkline

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