The King of Staten Island

Last night I was deciding which movie to watch. I decided to watch The King of Staten Island. Starring Pete Davidson as Scott. Marisa Tomei as Margie & Bill Burr as Ray. The storyline is about Scott, who has a case of arrested development since his father died as a firefighter. He spends his days smoking weed and dreaming of being a tattoo artist. But his life changed and he is forced to grapple with his grief and move forward. I was hoping for a good movie, but what I got is a great movie. With humor, heart and family. Pete Davidson is just great in this role. You might love/hate him but his character warms on you. Judd Apatow who directed this movie, it is his best work. The characters are the best. The are funny, loving and kinda stupid. My favorite characters are his best friends and the firefighters. You will love them. Also the kids that Scott has to walk to school are adorable. This is a tremendous movie that you should watch. You might not like Pete Davidson as a person, but you will love this character. This movie is available on @hbomax. Get on it and enjoy a wonderful movie. My rating is 9/10. #kingofstatenisland #petedavidson #marisatomei #billburr #juddapatow #statenisland #newyork #firefighter #weed🍁

Judd Apatow best work yet.

The Tax Collector Movie Review.

After seeing the trailer for the movie The Tax Collector. I thought this would be a enjoyable movie. The movie stars Shia LaBeouf as Creeper, and Bobby Soto as David. The storyline is about a tax collector working for a local crime Lord finds his family safety compromised when the rival of his boss shows up in LA and wants to put him out of business for good. Now I saw a lot of critics saying this is a bad movie and Shia character was lame and terrible. In my opinion this isn’t a bad movie. It’s ok, it has its moments especially during the shootouts. Shia character Creeper is ok as well. He looks intimidating and his acting is ok. The standout is Bobby Soto as David. Tremendous job. The storyline is good reminds me of the 80’s 90’s gang related movies. You should watch those type of movies to understand this movie. The cast of characters are something else. They are interesting and weird, especially the David’s rival that shows up. Screw in the head is more like it. If wanna watch this movie. Try watching the gang related movies from the late 80’s early 90’s to understand this movie. Also this movie is very violent and graphic, in the last 30 minutes of this movie. This movie is available on @hulu. It’s not as bad as people think. My rating is 5/10. #taxcollector #davidsoto #shialabeouf #gangster #drugs #crimelord #rivals #bloods #gangstermovies

Brings back memories of the 80’s 90’s gangster movies

Patch Adams movie review.

I’m gonna relive some movies that people have forgotten and that they need to remember.

Here’s another lost movie gem. Patch Adams starring the great Robin Williams. It’s based on the true story of the real Patch Adams. The storyline is about a man who has suicidal thoughts, when he gets help from doctors and patients. He decides to become a doctor himself, but not like the doctor you see every day. This is a wonderful movie. Robin Williams is at his best. The cast of characters like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Michael Jeter and Monica Potter. This movie will feel your heart will love and laughter. Some of you made shed a tear also. Which we need in today’s society. So if you haven’t watched this movie. It’s on @hbo and @hbomax . Give this movie a chance to warm your heart. My rating is 9/10. #patchadams #robinwilliams #rip #phillipseymourhoffman #rip #doctors #nurses #laughter #joy #happiness #sadness #death #sucidial

Tiger A sports documentary review.

If you love golf and love Tiger Woods. This 2 part documentary from @hbo is for you. This documentary will tell you the story of how Tiger Woods cams to be. You might have seen several documentaries about him, but this one is by far the best one. You will see from his childhood with his dad how he loved the game of golf, but you will also see his personal side from his high school years and his girlfriend. We all seen how his dad was with Tiger, but there’s stuff that is told about his dad that it will come full circle for Tiger. You will see his progression in college to the Masters tournament. There is plenty of interviews from former golfers, girlfriends, friends, and mistress. You will see his rise and fall to grace. But also you will see how he came back from the fall and the many surgeries he has had. There was things in this documentary i have seen on tv or have read about. But there are new stuff that made me think differently on him and his character. I hope you can enjoy this sports documentary about the great Tiger Woods. I certainly did. My rating is 9/10. #tigerwoods #golf #pga #nike #highschool #stanford #themasters #scandal #drugaddiction #mistress #sèxaddiction #fathercontrolsme

Cobra Kai season 3 review.

For the past 2 days I binged watched the 3rd season of Cobra Kai. This takes place right after the events of last season. Where you’ll see Miguel trying to walk again and both Cobra Kai & Miyagi still fighting each other. I do like this series, it brings back so many memories from the karate kid movies and the 80’s fill is wonderful. You will love the cameos in this season, more than from the previous past episodes. The storylines are good, nothings spectacular, but it’s good entertaining fun. There are some predictable scenes that you know that will happen. But it doesn’t matter at all. The cast of characters are the best. Love Daniel Sun and Johnny, but my favorites are Miguel, Sam, Hawk & Tory. If you love the Karate Kid movies and love 80’s nostalgia. Watch this entire series and binge it. I would really wish they would make a movie after this series is over. It would be a better fitting. Is this the best season of Cobra Kai? It could be. My rating for this 3rd season is 7/10. #cobrakai #netflix #ralphmacchio #daniellarusso #williamzabka #johnnylawrence #karate #kreese

A tv series the whole family can love.

Bombshell movie review

Last night I finally watched the 2019 movie, that’s based on a real story and scandal. Bombshell starring Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly. Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson Margot Robbie as Kayla Pospisll and John Lithgow as Roger Ailes. The storyline is about how Roger Ailes sexual assault many women on the Fox News set and used his power to destroy them and others. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie and see how great it was, and it is very good. The performances by Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie are phenomenal. Charlize Theron looks and sounds just like Megyn Kelly. Which makes it even greater. Nicole Kidman character was very good, but the movie was only focused on Megyn, Kayla and Roger. Gretchen was a side note, but she started the whole thing. All the characters are exceptional. The storyline is very good, especially during the #MeToo movement. I do wish that the movie was a little bit longer. It could have 30 more minutes. Also wish they had shown what has happened to Megyn, Gretchen, and others like they do in true story movies. All the ones that got nominated, definitely deserved their nomination. I think all women should watch this movie and learn that men in power will try to control you and get what they want. This movie is on EPIX and Hulu. My rating is 7/10. #bombshell #charlizetheron #megynkelly #nicolekidman #gretchencarlson #margotrobbie #kaylapospisil #johnlithgow #rogerailes #foxnews #harrassment #metoo

Powerful message and movie!

The Night Stalker Review

@netflix has released another serial killer documentary and this one, is definitely messed up. The Night Stalker is about the hunt for Richard Ramirez and the details are gruesome to some. In this documentary you will hear from detectives and from former victims. This documentary is hard to swallow on how crazy and demented Richard was. Probably more crazy than Ted Bundy. Now this documentary is graphic and some people can’t take it. You will see the murder scenes and details on what he did to them. Also he supposedly was a devil worshiper. Telling his victims to hail satan . The survivors are something else to watch. Can’t believe what they went through and survived. Also the LA detectives . They have some stories to tell you and that makes it entertaining. The one thing that messed up. Is that when Richard Ramirez was captured. He has so many women fans and sending him love letters and nude pictures. Also they hung out at the court room just to see him. If you want to be entertained with another serial killer documentary. This is definitely for you. If not, then skip it. My rating is 10/10. #nightstalker #netflix #documentary #serialkiller #ladetectives #devilworship #fans

Messed up man!

Defending Jacob miniseries review

The past couple days I’ve binged the @appletv original series Defending Jacob. The series stars Chris Evans as Andy. Michelle Dockery as Laurie and Jaeden Martell as Jacob. The storyline of this miniseries is about a middle school kid whom is murder and the towns district attorney son is the suspect. This is a good miniseries. If you’ve loved Chris Evans. I think you will like this role. Is it Emmy worthy? Nope . Just a good performance. The storylines are very good. You keep on guessing. Did he do it or not. The only flaw in this miniseries is the performance by Michelle Dockery. You know in the second episode that somethings wrong with her. Should have kept her character calmer than obvious. The cast of characters is good. The standouts are Sarah & Billy. I hope that you’ll enjoy this miniseries like I did. Good performances and a nice storyline. My rating is 6/10. #defendingjacob #chrisevans #michelledockery #jaedenmartell #appletv #miniseries #whodunnit #mystery #murder

Murder mystery miniseries

Mandalorian season 2

OMG! Just finished watching the season finale of season two of the Mandalorian. This is simply perfect ending to this season. If you are a true, die hard Star Wars fan. You’ll love and shed a tear. The last 5 episodes are the best of this season. It was funny, dramatic and entertaining as hell. This is what Star Wars fans have been wanting and man. It is a treat to watch. All the characters are the best. Love Boba Fett , Cara, Ahsoka and Baby Yoda. The storylines are the best, like I said before. Episode 5-8 are the best of the season. You will love the cameos. Especially in the last episode. If you are not a Star Wars fan. Give this season a chance. In my opinion, this is the best season by far. Also watch the end credits to the last episode. A surprise you’ll love. My rating is 10/10. #themandalorian #babyyoda #grogu #bobafett #ahsoka #jedi #thisistheway #disneyplus #starwars

Wonder Woman 84

There’s was hype when this movie was supposed to come out last summer, but cause of the pandemic it’s finally out. I watched it on @hbomax and I’m glad I did, instead of going to the theater. Wonder Woman 84. Starring Gal Gadot, Kristen Wiig, and Chris Pine. Let’s go back to 1984, as Wonder Woman finds her facing 2 all news foes. Max Lord & The Cheetah. Going into this movie, the storyline goes from one stop and then jumps. We see Diana Prince as a child then jump into 1984! WTH. That was a power jump. That got me confused. But we see the clumsy Kristen Wiig character, who’s kinda boring at first . But then she gets finally hot 🔥. Which was a shock to me. Now I thought that this movie was about Wonder Woman vs The Cheetah. It was , but for only 10 minutes. If your counting or not. The main villain is Pedro Pascal , from the Mandalorian series. He was ok. All he wanted was a wish. So you can see how this storyline is, kinda dull, nothing like the first movie. The cast of characters are not the best. Chris Pine was good, but his role was minor. The only thing that stood out was Gal Gadot. She was great, but it seemed like she needed more help. (Justice League) 😱. As you can read my review, you can tell that I didn’t like this movie. I did in some ways, but the first movie was so outstanding and this is kinda dull. I don’t know how the real movie critics loved this movie. It’s really isn’t. One thing that is disappointing is that the theme for Wonder Woman is only played once. It should have been played more and that sucked. Hopefully the next movie is better and Patty Jenkins can do better. Stayed tuned during the credits. There is a little surprise and that I truly loved and made me happy. That saved my rating from a 4 to a 5/10. I know it looks and sounds crazy, but you’ll understand after watching this movie. #wonderwoman #ww84 #galgadot #chrispine #kristenwiig #pedropascal #thecheetah #maxlord #grantwish #hbomax #pandemic