Midway 2019

On July 4th I decided to watch Midway directed by Roland Emmerich. It stars Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Woody Harrelson & Luke Evans. This is a story of the battle of Midway, told by the leaders and sailors who fought it. This was a ok movie by Roland. The special effects are outstanding, but the acting is ok. The story of the battle of Midway is a part of history. The acting by the cast is ok. Nothing really stood out in the acting department. The storyline was good. The only thing that was amazing was the battle scenes. That was something to watch. If you wanna to watch a good action movie, you might enjoy it. I personally think that Roland Emmerich needs to stop on the action movies and find something else to direct. My rating is 4/10. #midway #lukeevans #woodyharrelson #rolandemmerich #pearlharbor

The Old Guard

Last night I watched the Old Guard Starring Charlize Theron is a hired mercenary who is cannot die, but team is being captured to be tested and find out why they cannot die. They also find a former marine who just found out she can’t die. This was a fun movie. It’s based on a comic book of the same name. Which I never heard of. I thought the action movie was and is something that we need in this crazy time. Charlize Theron and band of teammates are pretty good together. The chemistry is ok. Charlize character Andy and Nile were pretty good together. The best rest of the cast was ok. I didn’t like the main villain. He was kinda lame and he was just a nerd who wanted to change humanity. The action scenes are good. I did like the ambush scene and the battle at Merrick . The storyline was ok also. Wanted more of a background of the main characters and how they stayed hidden for so long. This does leave itself for a sequel. If you watch the end credits. The movie is a fun ride. But it’s not the best. My rating is 5/10. #theoldguard #charlizetheron #comicbook #immortal #cia #humanity #marines #history #netflix

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