My so called life Part 2.

My life in elementary school was fun. I did enjoy it, until my 7th grade.

During my 7th grade I was being bullied by several guys. There names are. Jerry Smith, Chris Carbine, and Keith Hughes. They try to pick fights with me or just push me down. Like bullies always do. When this was happening. I didn’t tell my teachers or my parents. I usually went to the bathroom and try t8 make my sick so I can go home. I did this a lot.

One afternoon a the end of school. These bullies followed a girl to the woods and raped her. Everyone knew about it and nothing was done. The guys were suspended for a week. The girl transfer to another school. She did come back during high school and was a better woman and is a great woman now.

I failed the 7th grade because of what was happening to me and others. The next 7th grade was way better and more fun.

High school was good. I was in the marching band and played drums. For 5 years. That was a blast. Went to places I’ve never been and never will forget it. During high school I always sat with the band members during lunch. We were called by the bullies and the popular kids as band fags. Because we stuck together. LOL. We laugh at it and we didn’t care. What went on during high school stay at the school. If something happened at the school. It stay there, nothing was done about.

There were fights, kids having sex, teachers having sex with students, etc. But as Ive said before nothing was done. There were some great people there and I want forget them. When I was graduating from high school, I never thought I would go to college or make it to college. Well I did, but during my time at high . They never prepared me for college.

When I wet to cold. I had to take high school classes over again. I didn’t like that at all. I thought that I could go ahead and take my college courses for my major. I struggle a lot and drop out. Today I wish I stuck with it and got my major. Maybe before I die, I can get my degree or a certificate.

I hope you enjoy this. Part 3 will come tomorrow.