Invincible animated series review.

Not your daddy’s superhero comic!

Now I haven’t been a fan of animated shows, but this one is takes the cake. Invincible from the creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkmam brings us a superhero tale like no other. The storyline is about an adult animated series about a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. This series has a who’s who of actors. Some from the walking dead. You have Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, J. K. Simmons, Walton Goggins, Gillian Jacobs, Zachary Quinto, Clancy Brown, Mark Hamill, John Hamm, & Seth Rogen. WTH what a cast. This is a incredible series. You cant watch this on Netflix or Hulu. This is on amazon prime. The first episode is kinda slow, but the last 5 minutes, you’ll go. WTF? They try to make fun of Marvel and DC, you will catch the differences in the names of the superheroes I loved all the characters, and superhero’s. My favorites are Invincible & Omni-man. Don’t let your kids watch this series, nothing sexual. Very bloody violent! This series just got renewed for season 2 & 3. I truly loved this animated series and I can’t wait for the new season. Probably go buy the comic one day. My rating for this show is 8/10. #invincible #robertkirkman #stevenyeun #jksimmons #sandraoh #sethrogen #johnhamm #waltongoggins #superheros #animated #primevideo #comicbooks

My Academy Awards reaction!

Dull & Boring!

Unpopular Opinion! So last night was Oscar night. This was the first night I really didn’t care for it . I did watch some of it, but it was your typical liberal Hollywood party. Now on my official ballot I picked 12 out of 23! Which is still my average on the predictions. The one I was happy for was Soul winning best animated movie and Soul winning best original score. The others I really didn’t care for. The one surprise was Anthony Hopkins winning best actor. A lot of people were upset that Chadwick should have won. People were ranting and raving about Chadwick was robbed and boycott the Oscars and Oscar so white? Really? Have y’all seen the diversity they had in the past? Nope they haven’t. I hope the @theacademy gets back to basic and be what the Oscars meant to us. If a highly popular movie that is nominated for a best picture,or other major categories , people will tune in and watch to see if that movie wins. But in my opinion this was very boring, to controlled , the speeches and it got out of hand ( Glenn Close ) Hopefully in years to come the Oscars will be back to what it used to be and what we loved. If it keeps on going down this hole. It might not get out of it. #theacademy #oscar #oscarsowhite #diversity #liberal #nomadland #anthonyhopkins #francesmcdormand #soul

Mortal Kombat movie review.

The start of something new & fun!

One of the highly anticipated movie came out yesterday. Mortal Kombat based on the arcade game. There have been 3 movies of this franchise and so many games of this franchise. But every time a movie of Mortal Kombat has come out since 1995 it has sucked. This movie has promise. Some of y’all are hoping for the tournament like the game, you want get that. You will get a lead up to the tournament. This is a fun ride. You will like all the characters and the humor added in, especially Kano. He has some great one-liners. My favorite characters were Scorpion & Kang. The violence is what the true gamers wanted and you will get it. Tons of blood. If you have a sympathy stomach, don’t watch it. You will also get some mention of “flawless” which is mentioned in the game. The storyline is good, it’s leading for more . Which we have read ! Is this better than its predecessor? It’s better than the sequels. But it’s leading towards being the best video game movie ever. For this movie, it doesn’t matter if you watch it at the movie theater or at home. It’s a fun ride. This movie will be asking for more and I hope we get it. My rating is 7/10. #mortalkombat #scorpion #subzero #kano #sonyablade #jax #raiden #liukang #kunglao #mileena #nitara #hbomax

Falcon and the Winter Soldier series review.

Entertaining and kicks ass!

Today was the season finale of Marvel’s original series. Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The series stared Anthony Mackie as Falcon, Sebastian Stan as Bucky/Winter Soldier, Wyatt Russell as John Walker/Captain America, Erin Kellyman as Karli and Emily VanCamp as Sharon. NO SPOILERS! The series takes place 6 months after the events of Avengers Endgame. We see Sam dealing with, that he could be the next Captain America and we see Bucky still dealing with his demons and past. Going into this series, I didn’t think it would live up to the hype as WandaVision did. But I have to say, that it was entertaining and it leads to something more. I really liked the chemistry between Sam and Bucky. They really pulled it off as friends to the end. Wyatt Russell was good as the new Captain America. You might love or hate his character, but that’s why he pulled it off. The main villain was ok, she was just pushing for a cause and her super soldiers. I just wish there was more of her and her team fighting. Overall this is a wonderful series that I think kids today will love and look up too. Also for the kid in us, this lives up to the hype and is worth a watch. I’ll probably buy some funko pops from this series. My rating for this show is 8/10. This is only available on @disneyplus . #falconandthewintersoldier #thefalcon #anthonymackie #sebastianstan #wintersoldier #wyattrussell #captainamerica #emilyvancamp #agentcarter #marvel #disneyplus

Operation: Varsity Blues. The College Admissions Scandal movie review.

Ripped from today’s headlines!

Haven’t watched a movie since Godzilla vs Kong, but this movie/documentary is worth the watch. Operation: Varsity Blues. The college admissions scandal. Is about the biggest college scandal in history and this documentary will tell you the story of how it was done and who was involved. We know the celebrities that were involved, but there are a lot more who probably didn’t know. This will introduce you to who got stung. Now I truly liked this film. It’s interesting to see how Netflix got some of the people who were involved and still involved with this scandal. It crazy to watch these rich people try to get their so called smart kids into major universities like, USC, UCLA, Stanford and Harvard. It’s also interesting to watch on how Rick Singer orchestra it with the universities, with the “ side door” . Didn’t those universities see in red lines about this? Nope! Because they only care about the money. But that’s another discussion. The surreal moment is when you see all of those people who are arrested for bribery and money laundering. Only did from 14 days to 5 months of jail time. WTF? Also the guy Rick Singer is still free and waiting on sentencing. How screw up is that. Mathew Modine did a good job as Rick Singer, it made the documentary feel more real than other films. I know parents will do everything for hair kids. Just don’t do what this idiot did. Also the SAT and ACT needs to change its ways. My rating is 8/10. #operationvarsityblues #collegeadmissionsscandal #usc #ucla #stanford #harvard #ricksinger #loriloughlin #felicityhuffman

Let The Music Play: A music documentary

Bring back the concerts!

We all seen the effect on covid has hit the movies and the theaters, but what about the music, the artist and the venues. Let The Music Play a documentary by Daily Boom created by @catemeighan . Available only on @youtube This documentary will have interviews from music artists like, Stryper, Foreigner, Keel, Enuff Z Nuff, Jackyl, and Whitesnake. You will hear from concert venues and concert promoters. They will tell you how they have dealt with the pandemic and what they have done during the pandemic. Also what they are doing now. This is a fascinating view of how they couldn’t have concerts and couldn’t get into the studios, to make a album. I really like how those artists tell you how some of them struggled with it. But it’s also interesting how they put together live stream concerts for their fans, They will show you how much they loved it and missed it. I know this is only from 70’s and 80’s bands and I wish they could have gotten with other bands from the 90’s and beyond. But this is a wonderful way to see how they have come along. We know the movies are coming back to theaters slowly, but we need concerts. In my opinion. Live streaming a concert isn’t the same feel as being their in person. I know in my area some venues do have some bands to play and I can’t wait for the major bands come back on tour and we can rock out 🤘🏻to our favorite band or artists. If you love the era of 80’s music. Please check out or daily for their podcast. My rating for this music documentary is 6/10. #letthemusicplay #pandemic #music #patreon #concerts #venues #stryper #whitesnake #foreigner #jackyl #enuffznuff #keel

Godzilla vs Kong movie review.

A battle of titans on the big screen.

Last night I went to my local movie theater. Now I didn’t expect it to be pack. Yes it’s a Wednesday night and I took my time. God I wish I didn’t. The place was packed. Just like the good ole days. The bad thing was only 2 concession stands open and only 30 minutes until the movie starts. That’s sucked. Ok the movie Godzilla vs Kong starring Alexander Skarsgard as Nathan , Millie Bobby Brown as Madison, Rebecca Hall as Ilene, Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie and Kaylee Hottle as Jia. The battle of titans is about to go huge. This movie was a whole lot of fun. The storyline was good. I did like it, with two stories between Godzilla & Kong was good. The cast of characters are great. You will love Nathan, Allene and Jia . You’ll also like the trio of Madison, Bernie & Josh. They made the movie fun. The action scenes are the best. Love Godzilla and Kong fighting. It was just epic to watch on the big screen. This movie was made for the big screen not for your 📺. Now if you have a movie theater in your house or a 100 inch tv. Then it might work. Seeing this in IMAX was simply great. I came out of there feeling great and happy to see a movie back in theaters and the crowd yelling and cheering for their hero. My rating for this entertaining movie is 8/10. Go see this in the theaters instead at home. #godzillavskong #godzilla #kingkong #hollowearth #alexanderskarsgard #milliebobbybrown #movietheater #amctheaters #imax #mustwatch #teamgodzilla #teamkong

Tina a HBO documentary review.

Watch the movie instead of this documentary!

@hbo released a documentary of the iconic Tina Turner and this film isn’t that great. Now this documentary tells you the story of how Tina Turner came to be. You will get to see her in concert with her husband Ike Turner, who we all know physically abuse her. You’ll also see her raise when her album Private Dancer came out. Which was introduced to new fans. You’ll also watch her tell you the stories from her past and love today. It was nice to see her again. I do love her music. She is definitely a icon of rock music. But this documentary didn’t do her justice. The movie What’s Love Got To Do With It will give you a more respectable view of her life back then. In the documentary she will discuss on the film and why she hasn’t watch the movie. Also you will see interviews from Angela Bassett who played Tina in the movie. If you are a fan of Tina’s then watch the documentary, but if you don’t. Please check out the movie and then watch the documentary, that is available on @hbomax . My rating for this documentary is 5/10. My rating for the movie is 9/10. #tinaturner #whatlovegottodowithit #movie #privatedancer #grammys #iketurner #abusesurvivor #icon

John Wayne Gacy Devil in Disguise

We have another serial killer documentary, and this is brought to you by @peacocktv . John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise. This documentary is a 6 part that goes into details of John, the crime and the mystery. This isn’t a bad documentary. We all know Netflix does the best on serial killer documentaries. But this is interesting film. John Wayne Gacy is a creep plain and simple. He wanted power and control, but also he would con you . That this guy killed 33 men and boys and buried 29 underneath his house is haunting. This documentary will also tell you that he ( John Gacy) thinks he didn’t do the crime. Which is totally false. You will also hear from detectives from the past, his sister and ex wife. Also from former people who knew him and from the killer himself. This is a good documentary, but not the best one. This felt like a dateline show not a documentary. Hopefully @peacocktv can make it better. My rating for this documentary is 5/10. #johnwaynegacy #serialkiller #iowa #chicago #youngmen #youngboys #gay #bisexual #haunting #conman

Zach Snyder’s Justice League Cut movie review.

Don’t waste your 4 hours of watching this!

The Zach Snyder Justice League was released today and I’m gonna tell you right now. Don’t waste your 4 hours and 2 minutes of watching this piece of crap. When we heard that there was a directors cut of this film, I said that it still want be good. It’s the same storyline with new scenes added. Guess what it was. There are several things I didn’t like about this movie. First! Why in the hell did Zach shoot this in 4:3? It looked completely odd and you couldn’t see most of the characters and the fighting scenes. Should have been shot in widescreen. Second! Superman’s black suit was nice, but he and the suit should’ve had more screen time. Third! The fat Batman suit was awful. Should have used CGI to trim him down. Fourth and lastly! The Flash character acted like a kid? And his running was kid like. Come on now. Isn’t the Flash suppose to be a big man, not some skinny boy. The new added scenes were ok. The one scene he added, was with darkseid appearance. I wanted more of him, instead of steppenwolf. Also the scene with Bruce and Martian manhunter was sweet. They should have put him in. Instead of Cyborg. I really hope @dccomics get the right director, producer and star to compete with @marvelstudios . Cause right now, they only have 3 franchises that can carry them. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, $ Shazam. I used to grow up with the Justice League and Batman. But this piece of crap is embarrassing for me. And probably for others. The real question is. Is this better than Joss Whedon version? Yes but not by a lot. I rated the original movie a 3/10. Well let’s make crappy movie a 4/10. #justiceleague #zachsnyder #directorscut #fatbatman #wonderwoman #aquaman #theflash #cyborg #hbomax #badmovie #dontwastetime #marveldoesitbetter